Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Biblioteca Histó́rica

Started in 2000, the Biblioteca Histórica was developed to provide a centralized management and storage for all these ancient collections. Adjacent to the ancient university at San Bernardo street, a building situated at the Noviciado street, constructed in 1928 and financed by Ramón Pelayo de la Torríente, the Marquis of Valdecilla, is now the present location of this priceless ancient collection.

The Biblioteca Histórica of the Complutense University of Madrid is the second in rank in Madrid regarding books dated before the 19th century, next to the Biblioteca Nacional, and, undoubtedly, Biblioteca Histórica, is one of the top five libraries in Spain. The bibliographical collection includes 3,000 manuscripts, 725 incunabula and approximately 100,000 volumes of books printed from the 16th up to the 18th centuries. A few but notable collection of engravings and illustrated books is also preserved in the Library.

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