Biblioteca Eusebio F. Kino, Provincia Mexicana, Compañía de Jesús (Ciudad de México)

Founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) came into being in 1540, a period characterized by intense conflict within the Church in response to the Protestant Reformation, as well as an expansion of frontiers and a veritable revolution in the area of knowledge and letters. The Society of Jesus attempted to present a positive response to this challenge of history through its defense and promotion of the Christian faith. Today, the Jesuits in Mexico have a diverse ministry, and its contribution to the service of the Church among God’s people can be seen in the fields of formal education, social ministry, clerical training for Jesuits and others, and individual spiritual guidance.

The Eusebio F. Kino Library, with its rich bibliographic collection, forms part of this mission and, as such, bears the responsibility to preserve, organize, protect, and make accessible its holdings to researchers. The library currently exceeds 180,000 volumes, including the general collection, whose principal theme is theology and related materials; the Mariano Cuevas Collection, specializing in Mexican history and history of the Church in Mexico; and the periodical collection. Currently, these contemporary collections are preserved and can be consulted at the Iberoamerican University in Mexico City. The historical archive “José Gutiérrez Casillas, S.J.” comprises printed works from the fifteenth to the early twentieth century, originating from libraries of different Jesuit communities in Mexico. It includes monographs, manuscripts, photographs, and maps. This collection is thematically diverse, including civil and secular content.