Special Collections, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

The Library System integrates all the libraries of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and provides infrastructure and services for learning, research and teaching at the university. We have five libraries on campus and three off campus, all connected through our library catalog. We have one of the most extensive collections in the country, totaling more than 422,000 books, 23,000 theses, 246,000 journals, 10,000 newspapers, and almost 110,000 online resources (magazines, newspapers, monographs, books and conferences).

Our Special Collections, located in the Central Library, bring valuable bibliographic material together. Among its holdings is one of the first books printed in Peru (1612), the Libro de la vida y milagros de Nuestro Señor Iesu Christo en dos lenguas: aymara y romance, also known as Vita Christi. It also holds the collection of historian and bibliophile David Colmenares, which contains a total of 3,380 titles with numerous first editions of Peruvian and foreign books of the sixteenth and twentieth centuries, such as the Tercero Catecismo y exposición de la doctrina cristiana (1585), the second part of Cervantes’ Don Quixote (1615), and La Florida del Inca by Garcilaso de la Vega (1723).

In 1986, Special Collections was gifted the manuscripts of the Lima poet Rafael de la Fuente Benavides (Martín Adán), collected by his editor, bringing forth a new research focus for the Collections: heuristic analysis of documents in historical archives. At present, Special Collections holds six bibliographical collections and thirty-seven historical archives (mostly donated). The approximate size of the entire collection is 16,000 items (books, pamphlets, magazines, and newspapers) and 50,000 documents in the historical archive.

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