Balli, Pedro, fl. 1574-1600 (Bailli, Vailly, Petri Balli, )

Pedro Balli was from Salamanca, Spain, of French and Spanish decent. He arrived in Mexico in 1569 and when soliciting passage he declared that he was a bookseller by trade and he had books and bookbinding items. By 1574 his name appears as a printer. Be that as it may, Balli, did not abandon his profession as a book seller, since he used this title in the plates of various works that he published.

It is probable that he may have bought or used many items from the print shops of Pedro Ocharte and Antonio de Espinosa; for instance, Balli employed the same faceplate for Molina’s Confesionario mayor that Juan Pablos used in Gilbert’s Vocabulario (1559).

Balli married Catalina del Valle in Mexico and had 3 daughters and a son, Juan Bautista Balli, a well-known attorney whose work Oratio in lavdem ivrisprudentiae (1596) was published by his father.

Balli died in 1611.

Information abstracted from Medina, José Toribio. Historia de la imprenta en los antiguos dominios españoles de América y Oceanía, tomo 1°. Santiago de Chile: Fondo Histórico y Bibliográfico José Toribio Medina, 1958 (pp 114 - 116).