Cé́sar, Cornelio Adriá́n, ca. 1574-ca. 1633 (Cornieles Adrian)

Native of Holland. He arrived in New Spain to work in the press of María de Sansoric and Pedro Ocharte as a typesetter and his name appears twice in this period, 1594 and 1597. It is said that he was an apprentice in one of the print shops of Christopher Plantin.

He was accused by the Inquisition of being a Lutheran (expressing Lutheran opinions in public) in 1601, and was imprisoned for a year in the Inquisition’s own jail and two more in convento (school) de Tlaltelolco where he was dedicated to working the press that he found there. After being freed, he married Luisa Robles in 1604 and worked as a typesetter for Diego López Dávalos.

He died in 1633.

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