Ocharte, Pedro, ca. 1532-1592 (Pedro Ochart; Petri Ocharte)

Born in Rouen, France (1532?). Ocharte came to Mexico as a merchant in 1548 and by 1558 was domiciled in there. He entered into relations with Juan Pablos, and after Pablos passed away, the friendship with the family grew to the point of where Pablos’ widow, had him serve as a witness for a power of attorney. Ocharte married María de Figueroa, daughter of Pablos, in 1561 or 1562 and in 1563 signed a contract with Jerónima Gutiérrez to rent Pablos’ press. In 1570 he married a second time with María de Sansoric.

In 1571 Ocharte published a large print of Our Lady of the Rosary, with a quatrain considered heretical and was investigated by the Inquisition and remained in its jails for at least a year (July of 1571 to May of 1572) and in March 1573 imprisoned as he was accused again, though eventually acquitted.

Between 1576 and 1578, working with Antonio Ricardo, printed both Graduale dominicale and Fray Juan de Córdoba’s Vocabulario zapoteco.

He died in 1592.

Information abstracted from Medina, José Toribio. Historia de la imprenta en los antiguos dominios españoles de América y Oceanía, tomo 1°. Santiago de Chile: Fondo Histórico y Bibliográfico José Toribio Medina, 1958 (pp 109 - 113).