Ricardo, Antonio, 1540?-1606 (Antonium Ricardum)

Born in Turin, Italy, Ricardo was given permission by the Spanish crown in 1569 to go to Mexico, where he arrived in 1570. He only remained in Mexico for a few years before going to Peru in 1579.

In 1578, Ricardo associated with another printer, the Frenchman Pedro Ocharte, but the company between two was brief so that by the following year both were printing on their own again. It is certain though that in the liquidation of their joint venture some of Ocharte’s materials passed (emblems, for instance) to Ricardo and vice versa (type).

With the arrival of the Jesuits to Mexico in 1572, Ricardo, even with his short time in Mexico as a printer, printed many books written by the Jesuits. Additionally, his press was in or next to the Jesuits’ college. This practice continued in the City of the Kings (Lima).

Although there appears to be no lack of work - in the space of less than three years he printed at least 10 books, a rate of 1 book every 3 months - Ricardo decided to leave Mexico. He moved to Lima and the Jesuits there ordered many books to satisfy the demand, especially from the University de San Marcos which had already been established.

He died in 1605.

Information abstracted from Medina, José Toribio. Historia de la imprenta en los antiguos dominios españoles de América y Oceanía, tomo 1°. Santiago de Chile: Fondo Histórico y Bibliográfico José Toribio Medina, 1958 (pp 116 - 130).