Project Agreement

The Primeros Libros de las Américas: Impresos Americanos del Siglo XVI en las Bibliotecas del Mundo project is a digital collection of the first books printed in the Americas before 1601. These monographs are very important because they represent the first printing in the New World and provide primary sources for scholarly studies in a variety of academic fields. Of the 220 editions believed to have been produced in Mexico and 20 in Peru, approximately 155 are represented in institutions around the world.

In addition to building a digital collection of all first books held by the project participants, the initiative seeks to serve as a demonstration project for digital library technologies, metadata and scanning standards, and for the value of collaboration among libraries. There are currently 25 partner institutions participating in the project and they together account for a total of 360 exemplars.

The transcriptions were generated as part of the NEH-funded "Reading the First Books" project at the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University. They were produced using Ocular, an open-source Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool for the automatic transcription of multilingual, early modern printed books, through the Early Modern OCR Project's online interface, and have not been manually corrected. You can download Ocular through Github and the corpus of transcriptions through the Texas Data Repository.

If your institution wishes to participate in this collaborative project, please review the project agreement at the following link. The agreement provides detailed information about the standards used for scanning the books, processing of the subsequent image files, sharing of materials, etc.

Project Agreement [PDF]