General Historical Library (Salamanca)

University of Salamanca

The General Historical Library is the research center for the University of Salamanca. It is in charge of safeguarding, processing, and disseminating the historical bibliographic heritage of the University. It is located in the upper cloister of the Main University Schools Building. The library comprises the Historic Library, the Manuscripts and Incunabula (16th-18th centuries) Room, modernized rooms for researchers, and offices for specialists. Its collections include books, brochures, periodicals, plans, maps, and other special collection materials, which are categorized as follows:

A) Historical Archive: Medieval codices, manuscripts, and fragments, including original typescripts; Incunabula; Books and brochures printed by manual printing procedures from the 16th century to 1830; Periodicals and maps

B) Multidisciplinary archives of interest to the university from 1830 to the present

C) Archive related to Salamanca: Books and brochures printed in Salamanca since the 19th century; Salamanca press and newspapers; Publications by the University of Salamanca since 1943

D) Willed and donated private collections

E) Modern archive for research support